This warrants a bit of explanation. A friend of mine is visiting from New York, and she has a friend back home who is dating a guy with a thing for feet. This guy has been hounding my friend who is visiting to do a foot fetish video in which her stockinged foot is rubbing a banana. We thought it would be funny to use my hairy, pasty legs instead. The Enya music makes it, I think. And, no, I don't have a foot fetish.

Spore Coming To Macs In 2008 [Ea]

Spore Coming To Macs In 2008 [Ea]: "

spore_for_mac.jpgMac gaming will become less of a punchline and more of a reality this year, as EA plans to ship the Will Wright-helmed Spore for both Windows and Mac OS X in 2008. That's dependent, of course, on Spore shipping for any platform this year, something that we don't exactly have the highest confidence in. The EA published Spore will come to the Mac platform courtesy of TransGaming Technologies, whose graphics wrapper is reported to make the transition from PC to Mac wicked easy.

EA, who shipped a number of PC games for the Mac last year, plans to have Spore on hand at MacWorld 08, going on right now.

Coming to the Mac in 2008: 'Spore' []


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How to hack a Diebold voting machine [image]

Uh oh.

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Video of people from 1 to 100 hitting a drum

'People in Order' is a 3-minute film that shows 100 people, from the age of one to 100, hitting a drum. It was made by Lenka Clayton and James Price. (Via Arbroath)

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TV-Be-Gone mischief at CES

The Gizmodos pranked the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show by running around with one of MAKE's TV-Be-Gone devices, turning off ever-increasing numbers of TVs (and documenting it on video). I like the bits when they switch off the show-floor display models, but it shades over into too-mean-for-me when they start to switch off the sets that are being used to display slides and presentation materials from live presenters. Still, no biggie -- just turn the TV back on and you're up.


New Bush coins

Picture 11-16

Funny video created to familiarize you with the new, petroleum-backed, Bush coins. Link (Thanks,


the jobs we call 'blog'

So this is going to be the new linkBlog. Google Reader's shared items just didn't cut it. I've found a better way. Let us pray.